The Musical Pocket Watch

From The Film

 “For a Few Dollars More”

is Here 

The Wait is Finally over!  

This Watch is an Exact Replica From The Film… 


 Dear Fellow Musical Pocket Watch Enthusiast, 


After over 40 Years of Waiting For an Exact Replica Of The most Famous Pocket Watch…The Wait is Over  



It Looks Exactly the Same and it sounds Exactly the Same


Brilliant if You’re a Fan of the Spaghetti Westerns or Just the Film. The Watch Would be Ideal to Finish off

Your Cowboy Costume or Even to Show off to your Friends, Also makes a Great Gift.


"For a Few Dollars More" has Been Voted number 120 out of 250 top Films On INMB. A Film Loved By So

Many.   But Yet a Pocket Watch has never Been Made... until Now! 



Why Hasn’t a Watch Ever Been Made? 



One of the Main Reasons The Watch Has Never Been Produced is the fact that the Watch Could Not Possibly Hold a Melody of that Length. 


The Pocket Watch Music is an actual piece of music that was Created by Ennio Morricone and Added to the

Film But Made to Look Like it was Coming From the Pocket Watch. 




A Watch Has Been Made by a Manufacture in Switzerland called the Far West by a Company called Boegli.  The Real Shame about it was that it Didn’t Look like the Watch in the Film.  In Addition It Didn’t have that Great resemblance to the Music From the Original Pocket Watch. Plus it was Very Expensive and Limited to Only 99 Units! 

To Hear What the Far West Watch By Boegli Sounds Like, click Below.

"Far West" Pocket Watch By Boegli

Paramount Did Produce a Wooden Box set of “For a Fistful of Dollars” & “For a Few Dollars More” in Germany Named "Die Dollar-Holzbox" with a Watch…but The Watch Was Still Far off Looking Like the Real one. And Also Had No Sound. 




The Watch That Comes With the Wooden Collectors box

So How Can We Do it? 

 We have put an Electrical movement into a Solid Metal Pocket Watch Shell.  The Watch Has Tiny Unnoticeable holes at the top where the Music Will Play, once the lid is opened.

pocket watch



Our Watch has a Small SD Memory Card in it. Here is a Demo of the watch in action... 



Precise Replica 


As A Pocket Watch Enthusiast Myself, You can Rest assure that you will be getting the Absolute best

 replica available to date. I have Wanted one of these Myself for Years. And One that Has

 The Exact same Look,  Feel and Sound to the One in the Film.


You really Will be Getting Complete Accuracy With this Watch. It is the best and Most Likely be the only Ever One

 to be made.

 Our Watch is the Same size as the One in the Film.

 It Sounds the Same.

 Our Watch Has the Same Dial which has been turned 90 degrees to the left.

 It has the same Engraved Crest On the Front.

It has the Same Chain with the same Length.

 The Watch Actually Works…Hand Movements etc.

 The Button on the Lid opens the Lid if pressed lightly and when pressed hard it plays the tune. To stop the tune just press it again or close the watch.




The Musical Pocket Watch Has Now Been Updated so

There is NO Violins Or Orchestra with the melody

for a More Authentic Sound!!!

Check Out the Clip Below to Watch the first one be Unboxed.




Just $149.00

+ $26.00 Shipping(Worldwide)




First Refusal on the Smaller Watch with Black Display case.

We Are Also Going to Produce the Second Smaller Pocket watch at a Later Date Along with the Black Heart Display Case. The 100 Who Buy this First Watch Will Get First Refusal on the Second Watch We Will Produce. The Black Heart Shape Box Will be Exactly Like the One in the Film And there Will of Course Be a Place for The Watch Your Getting To Sit Next To the Smaller Watch We Are Going to Produce. 

The Old Version of the Watch

If You Would Like the Old version of the Watch,

 With the Violins and Orchestra

shown in this video... 

  Please Click the Order Now Button Below.




Thanks again for taking time to Read this Website as I know your time is Valuable.

Warmest Regards

Lance "El Indio" Ward  

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